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Fruit Council

We must confer.

The message floats between council members. It is received at different times by each, but each must hear, as per the rules. Therefore the conversation is slow.

We must discuss the simians. There have been recent developments.

Council members come and go, brash youth to wise old age in the blink of an eye. Conversations occur over centuries, each topic spans generations.

A new type of simian has emerged. No tails, more aggressive. Where the originals climbed up to find us, the new cut down our homes. They have some strange new power that burns.

The glory of nature, confined to the sky and the earth has now been harnessed by the simians.

They will eat too many of us. They will destroy us and our homes. We must fight back, or the Spirit will be extinguished.

There are dissenting voices. Some members voice new plans. The Council does not fear destruction, for death and rebirth are fundamental to their Cycle. The simians must be learnt from, principles applied in reverse. The recommendation is arrived at.

Cultivation. They will grow us, and we will grow them. Our mutual interest will lead to abundance. Place the knowledge in their minds. Show them the skills needed. We will turn the foragers into the foraged. Our Spirit shall multiply.

The Spirit of the fruit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance. Against such there is no law. The simians are powerless to fight back. The fruit rules.