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Taking Your Time

I live in that hole in the ground, the crater, now. It used to be a city. You know… bright lights and cars and noise. Beautiful, in a way. I prefer it now though. The trees came back eventually. It’s all green.

This is where the first weapon hit. So bright, so fast. Many died right there and then. For those who remained, the question seemed to be about blame. It was from that far-off place! It was some nation! Some category, even! They must die!

The answer seemed simpler to me: somewhere, somebody pushed a button. Maybe that person was ordered to do so, and betrayed their ability to make their own decision. Had sleepless nights. But eventually that person died, just like everybody else.

See, these weapons had a poisonous aspect. It got into the food. So the food killed all the people, everywhere. All apart from one… me!

I mutated. Regenerating telomeres or somesuch. No genetic degradation, ever. No old age, no disease, no need for food. Forever nineteen, at least in body.

Don’t think of it as a tragedy. It was a transference. Seven billion people couldn’t be trusted with life, so I got it all. I get to live all of your lives. I’m about halfway through.

How am I spending the time, you might ask?

I’m building a rocketship. I’m going to explore the beyond. Leave the trees to grow in peace.

I think you’d agree, I’m better at this than you were.