It’s 2014 and I’m going to change my approach to this blog. I had a great time writing a 250-ish word short for every day of the latter half of 2013, and I hope you enjoyed what came from that project. Now I’m going to be publishing less frequently, aiming for once per week, and the stories might be a little longer as I practice for entering competitions.

I’ll also be considering reorganising the site to make it easier to get to older posts. Remember to explore the various tools on the right-hand side.

I’m curious to know how people read these stories. Do you sit at your computer? Sink into a sofa with a tablet? Peer at your phone on a crowded train? Leave a comment and let me know!

As ever, please feel free to leave comments and criticism about my writing. This will help me to learn the craft and entertain you more in the future.




50 thoughts on “About

  1. marymtf

    Your stories are just terrific. I usually prefer to add blogs I like to my favourites section rather than follow. That way I can check things out now and again. I’m so looking forward to seeing your stories in my reader.

  2. bwhite21

    Thank you for following my blog of book reviews and a few other interests. “The Dog Stars” and “The Yellow Birds” were both good books. Like that you are open for comments about your writing, although tastes are so varied that in the end you just need to write what feels good to you.

  3. papermashed

    I really like your concept of write a little everyday. It reminded me of my once grand ambition of finishing a novel in 365 days, writing everyday and putting it up on the blogosphere. Of course, it never happened as planned. I liked seeing your blog doing what I thought was impossible in today’s distracting world.
    Thank you for following my blog, much appreciated. Hope you find it interesting.

  4. colourfulemotions

    I adore your stories. I only checked in over the past few days and I can’t stop reading them. Keep going! You’re very talented and I’ll look forward to reading more.
    Victoria x

  5. Kate Rauner

    I liked “finger hat”. With short works, each word carries such a load. The word “rug” interrupted my reading. I went back. Was he under a rug? No, it was a blanket. So the word “rug” tripped me.

  6. josna

    Two hundred and fifty words–that takes discipline! A story a day—I take off my hat to you! I did it for a month during the A-Z blog challenge and was exhausted (though also exhilarated) by the end of it. Thank you for following Tell Me Another; I look forward to visiting again, and as you suggest, staying awhile.

  7. Brian

    I have not had time to read many of your stories yet, but what I’ve seen so far is of excellent quality. Your stories seem to offer unique and interesting little glimpses into strange and unfamiliar worlds, and I look forward to reading more. I can’t actually believe that you’re going to be writing one of these everyday.

  8. William

    Thanks for the follow Mercilo. I love the idea for your blog! I am following it now. I’ll take some time to peruse your stories. Cheers.

  9. indiereadergirl0329

    Thank you for following my blog. I love the idea of your blog. I know it is not 250, but if you ever feel like investing in a membership, check out 750words.com. It’s a great site. I have let it slip on the wayside a bit, but it’s great. Similar to your word goal.

  10. yhosby

    It’s cool that you’re blog is dedicated to your short stories! Wow, a story a day. That’s impressive. Looking forward to reading them. You’ve motivated me to start my creative writing prompts again to post on my blog. Happy writing!

    Keep smiling,

  11. jamesweber16


    Thanks for the follow. Neat idea for a blog. And posting everyday? Good work. Keep it up. If you’re ever looking to collaborate shoot me a comment some time. I’m open to pretty much anything.


    1. Mercilo Daviss Post author

      Very well, thank you sandradan1. I actually write the stories a few weeks in advance for breathing room. I hope you enjoy today’s!

  12. gwynethjmarshman

    Hi Mercilo, thanks so much for liking my blog post. I’m trying to do a little more writing myself, and find it very inspiring that you’re managing to post every day! I love the ‘short & sweet’ approach too – great stories. Will be following via RSS. Thank you!

    1. Mercilo Daviss Post author

      Yes there are a few blogs around trying daily stories. I think it’s a great way to build discipline.

  13. willemite51

    Hi Mercilo,
    Thanks for stopping by at Cootsreviews.com. I am hoping to have this thing truly ready by Spring. In the meantime I am porting over may of my reviews from Goodreads. I have a section in Coots of story beginnings, items inspired by photographs, that might seem familiar in approach to what you are doing here. Hopefully some of your tasty daily produce will drop seeds somewhere and grow into blue ribbon giants.


    1. Mercilo Daviss Post author

      Hi Deanna,
      Thanks very much for the nomination. I want to keep the main posts for stories but I may put up a separate page for such things later!

  14. Christie's Fan

    Have you tried a host of competitions for flash fictions? Thank you for following me. I believe the ‘The Most Fascinating Character’ section in my reviews of Christie’s books will be useful as an inspiration for a character. Keep it up!

  15. jenvose

    Thanks for the follow! Looking forward to reading more of your work, and hope you might find some enjoyable reading on my blog, as well!

  16. fayelucinda8

    Hello, I am very intrigued to see what material you hope to put forward for competitions. I am a writer too and have considered competitions. I am however concentrating my efforts on my first novel which I am looking to complete within the year. Best of luck with your stories and thanks for following my blog, I’ll be dropping by soon.


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