Christmas Hiatus: Rain Dance

The blog is on hiatus for the Christmas season. New stories will return in January. Here’s one from the archives:

Jimmy pressed his nose against the window, scowling. Soft drum beats of rain rippled over the other side of the glass.

“It’s the first rain in three months, and that’s how you react?” Kate was standing behind him with eyebrows raised.

“I had plans for today,” he replied.

“Everyone had plans,” she said. “Make new plans. Humans have been changing plans due to the weather for a hundred thousand years. Sulking is pointless.”

“How exactly can I have fun now?” asked Jimmy, clambering to his feet to face his unwanted challenger.


He held her gaze for a split-second, then broke into a petulant, rhythmless jiggle. Arms flapping wide, tongue flicking. Then he stopped and said with sarcastic pride, “how was that?”

Kate’s expression did not budge.

“Not in here, silly,” she said. “Out there!” Finger rises to point out the window.

“Dance in the rain?”

“Dance in the rain!”

Wide, stupid grins.


Two old t-shirts and two old shorts. Barefoot. Open the door and the furious cacophony of water bouncing off concrete echoes into the hallway. Shrieking with delights, two spirits younger than their years leap forth onto the sodden grass. Highland jigs, some frenetic jazz and a rapid waltz are punctuated by wet, whipping hair, water slaking from skin and glorious thunder. Five minutes, then two transformed sea-creatures swim back to the shore.


The door closed, they stood, gasping, dripping, laughing. A hint of love increased through shared adventure. Then:

“Towels!” said Kate.


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