The Stockist

Dellafollarra is, without question, the world’s largest shopping complex. There are so many shops, and so many staff, that cultures and subcultures have sprung up along its miles of halls and folklore spreads rapidly during the employee’s lunchtime gossip. One urban myth in particular stands out for being so unusual. It is told as follows.

You could have guessed that experienced shop assistants develop a kind of intuition for situations. For example, when someone comes in the shop with the intention of shoplifting, something doesn’t feel quite right to the shop assistant. Maybe they see someone walking in a strange pattern, or wearing an expression of trying to feign innocence, or wearing bulky clothes to hide things under.

One afternoon, on a day up until that point like any other, the shop assistant will suddenly get one of these feelings that something is wrong. They can’t quite put their finger on it. Maybe they saw something out of the corner of their eye a few minutes before and only just realised. Anyway they go look around the store and find nothing unusual. Customers are browsing, just as one might expect.

Unable to shake the feeling, the sales assistant goes to check the CCTV cameras. After a few minutes of watching footage, they do find something which makes them uneasy. A man – probably a man, can be hard to tell – is seen entering the shop. Normally the stories have him as fairly smartly dressed, looking quite respectful, and carrying a dark green bag.

The man strolls somewhere near the back of the shop, dawdles far too long, does something the camera can’t see, then leaves.

This is quite alarming, and the sales assistant goes to investigate.

To be continued…


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