Honora walked slowly down the corridor. No need for a walking stick yet, she thought, though surely that day would arrive. But for most of her long life she had moved at this slow, dreamy pace, and so the inevitable did not bother her. She had somewhere to get to, and the people and events in that place would just have to entertain themselves until she was ready to arrive.

Honora heard someone walking up behind her, and turned her head to see Minuette, who was clutching a folder of papers and walking with a determined air.

“Hello,” said Minuette. “Is your morning going according to plan?”

“I suppose so, dear,” said Honora. “But as I was explaining last time we met, I try not to organise my life in such fine detail. I find it hinders the true sense of accomplishment that comes from solving a problem considered in depth. A method that perhaps would come as a revelation for your assistant…”

On cue, a young woman burst through the doors far behind them and ran along the corridor at full sprint, shouting “No no no no no no wait wait wait!” Her clothing jangled as she ran and she trailed pieces of paper in her wake.

She reached where her superiors were standing and for a moment all three women were in a line in the corridor. “Hi Sekka,” said Minuette.

“Hi!” gasped the young woman as she ran straight past without stopping, continuing at full tilt to the far doors.

“Well I must leave you,” said Minuette to Honora. “I have appointments to keep and assistants to chase. I hope you have found what you are looking for the next time we meet.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Honora called after her. “By that time I’m sure quite a lot will have happened.”


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