A Manner Appropriate To Their Customs, Part II

Continued from Part I.

The boy was in clear adulation of everything in sight. Including the animal suits. The tortoise was amusing, Mr. Carol conceded, the puppeteer inside retracting the head inside the shell whenever an onlooker attempted a photograph.

Two mis-proportioned dinosaurs, covered in mesozoicly-inaccurate luminous polyester fur, ejected themselves from the stream of artificial characters and headed for the father and his boy. Anthony screamed with joy, garbling about his favourite video series. Yet oddly he was ignored.

The bright green one headed straight for Mr. Carol, who held up his hands with what he hoped was a display of only mild impatience and a nonverbal request for the supposed fun to be directed solely towards his overexcited progeny. Yet the green dinosaur was holding a tray of what appeared to be artisanal chocolates, a weakness of the parent Carols, and Anthony’s eyes were shining with such an inculcation of wish-fulfilment that to turn down the offer would surely display ignorance of some fashionable trope. So Mr. Carol took a bite.

It was, he had to admit, not bad. But any hope he may have entertained that the focus of embarrassment would now shift away from him upon consumption of the sweet was dashed when the green dinosaur handed its tray to the pink one and then turned to Mr. Carol with wide open arms.

“Oh, no,” he started to protest, but the embrace was inevitable and he found his face buried in soft green material.

To be continued…


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