Mother Nature, Part I

They stood at the top of the hill, a group of about fifty, in smart uniforms adorned with brass that sparkled in the sunshine. In the valley below them, all was quiet save for the wind rustling through the trees.

General Vance strode a few paces away, then turned to address the group. Immediately the assembled stopped talking and paid him due attention.

“Today, ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “the competition reaches a close. Colonel Anderson claims he has created the ultimate weapon, while Colonel Refe claims he can defeat it. Let us pit them against each other to determine who us right! Anderson, you first.”

A younger man in a similar dark green uniform, head held high and chest puffed out, addressed the crowd. “The ultimate weapon? I think so. The S2400 is the world’s first completely invisible stealth tank. It has the most advanced camouflage system ever designed. It can hide in any terrain and sneak up on the enemy unnoticed. It emits very little heat, and is covered with chromatophore-painted armour that can change its appearance like a chameleon. External cameras take detailed images of the surroundings, and the onboard computers change the colour of the paint even when the tank is moving.” Anderson swept an arm towards the countryside below them. “Ladies and gentlemen, in the valley in front of us there are three S2400 tanks. Try to spot them!”

None could. Murmurs of appreciation rose amongst the crowd. Anderson beamed. The General led a round of applause.

Then Refe cleared his throat.

To be continued…


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