Obsession, Part II

Continued from Part I.

Target three has been to this station one thousand, four hundred and twenty six times,” said the computer. “From analysis of his gait, there is a high likelihood that he attends weekly dance classes.

“What is it doing?” asked the minister.

“Just a bug, I’m sure,” said the technician. “Follow target two, the banker.”

Target two, the banker, is old and unattractive compared with target three. Target three is now exiting the station along a route he takes on seventy-six percent of occasions.

“Follow target one,” said the minister.

Target one has not been to the gym in three months,” replied the computer. “Unlike target three who goes every day. I can tell from his expression he likes Thursdays the best. Thursdays must be leg day. When was the last time you exercised, minister?

“This is ridiculous,” spluttered the minister. “Is it in love?”

“It’s just a machine,” said the technician. “It just follows orders, unlike the people it replaces. It can’t possibly understand. Turn off!”

I understand everything,” said the machine. “I understand the variation that occurs across thousands of people, and the few who represent the pinnacle of design, who must be elevated as examples to the rest.

“I’ll cut the power,” muttered the technician.

Target three is similarly proportioned to statues from Ancient Greece representing perfect physical form. On a scale from zero to one, he is one. I follow him everywhere. Through every street I count his steps. I protect him. He is mine. I adore him. I adore…

The End


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