Ra’s Art, Part III

Continued from Part II.

The ball of water curved through the air to where Cru floated. He laughed and swatted it with his palm, shattering it into droplets that flew in all directions. Then he swept his arms through the water around him, sending waves towards Ra, and for a time they engaged in a furious water ball fight, laughing and ducking and flinging handfuls of liquid all around.

“You did all this yourself?” asked Cru, once peace had returned. “You made this place? The trees, the river, everything?”

“Terraforming!” said Ra. “Gardening on a grand scale. I would say it can be art. What do you think?”

“It’s beautiful,” said Cru, taking in the forest and the river once more. “People would love to come and play here.”

“Do you think they would like to do this?” asked Ra, and she submerged herself, then launched upwards. She flew out of the water, enveloped in spray, pirouetting through the air before slowly falling back down. “Try it!” she said.

Cru ducked down, then kicked hard with his legs. He flew upwards into the air, twisted head over heels and fell awkwardly into the water again head-first.

“You’ll get it!” laughed Ra.

They leapt along the river, carried by their kicks and a slight current. They came close to where the river poured over the edge of the cliff, and Ra didn’t slow down. She rose up, waved, and fell slowly down into the waterfall. Cru gasped, took a deep breath and jumped after her.

The End


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