The Square

There’s another square up ahead. It looks different to the normal squares, and it smells amazing. It smells a sweet and tempting stench. The square looks different because it is set at an angle. The smell comes not from the square but from around the edges. It’s worth exploring. Let’s have a look.

Through the gap and into another world. This new world has walls, and a ceiling. You couldn’t go all the way up if you wanted to. And that smell… that smell… let’s find where that glorious smell is coming from.

Circling around in the centre of this small world, sniffing the air, sniffing the air. In a corner, the smell is stronger. It’s coming from a liquid on the ground. Sticky to the touch, a fruity, glorious feast. Let’s pause for a few moments and sup. Replenish our strength before we move on.

Our meal is interrupted by a beast. Angry, it swipes in our direction. It’s time for us to leave. Let us leap upwards, and return to the square… which has changed.

The square is no longer set at an angle. It is flat. Through it, the bigger world beckons. The sunlight can be seen. Let us flee…

Some invisible force prevents our passage. The barrier between the worlds has returned. We cannot escape.

The beast is coming. It approaches with resolve. It reaches towards us… and the square moves. A gap appears, a doorway to the bigger world. Time to fly.


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