Clover, Part II

Continued from Part I…

Clive took a deep breath and believed with all his might that the object of his quest lay a few feet away. He took a step, and looked down to see a single-leaf clover waving up at him. “Faith,” he said. Then he dreamed of a swift end to this absurd adventure, followed by a large dinner with chocolate cake for pudding. He caught sight of a two-leaf clover near his big toe. “Hope,” he said.

The next step was always the hardest. He thought of Christmas. He thought of Butes laughing at a joke. He thought of her helping Mother.

Nothing lay at his feet.

He tried again. He thought of the time she yelled at Blane for pushing him in the lake. He thought of the time she applauded when he won a race. He thought of the time she read him a story when he was sick…

He caught sight of a three-leaf clover poking between blades of grass. “Love,” he said.

Now the fun bit. He looked anywhere but at the ground. He saw birds flying overhead, he saw clouds against the bright blue sky. He closed his eyes, dropped down onto his back, turned his head to one side and opened his eyes again. A four-leaf clover stretched up right in front of his nose. “Luck!” he exclaimed.

As he lay on the ground, he considered the next move. The way Butes explained it sounded nonsensical. He lifted his head to ask… and saw Butes surreptitiously taking a flask from her bag and pour orange liquid into her cup.

He scrambled to his feet, pointed at her and yelled. “Juice?!” he shouted. “The fifth is trust!”

The End


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