Kissing the Impossible

They met, they went for an awkward dinner, they went for a stroll. Questions rang in both their heads.

“You mentioned an ex-girlfriend,” said Mandy. “What was that about? Need I be worried?”

Max drew a breath through his teeth, looking away, trying to compose his thoughts.

“Oh, she… wasn’t great,” he said. “It started well but ultimately she cheated on me. I didn’t know who she really was, underneath. I found out there was another guy so I kicked her out.”

She stopped him walking further and pulled him around to face her, taking both her hands in his.

“Do you have problems trusting women, Max?”

He stared into her dark brown eyes, the kind he really went for. His mind spun through possible lines that would impress her.

“I need to be convinced sometimes.”

She rolled her eyes, but the smile stayed, and she pulled his mouth towards hers.

The kiss was tender, but there was a slight taste of… latex? His fingers found a seam near her ears, he pulled and ripped and a mask came away in his hands.

He gasped in horror. “Alexa?! What are you doing?”

“I needed you back!” she screeched. “You over-reacted about Stephen!”

“You cheated on me!” he yelled.

“What’s wrong with your face?” she said. “The skin around your mouth looks…” She grabbed his cheeks and pulled.

His mask came away in one piece. She shrieked and slapped him, hard.

“Stephen! Stephen! You mean I cheated on you with yourself?!”


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