Announcement Announcement

Mrs. Witekey looked up from her newspaper, eager to share something. Unfortunately no husband or pet was within earshot, and the plants did not speak English. This lack of audience irritated sufficiently to cause the acquisition of a walking stick, the careful levering of her delicate vessel from the sofa and the commencement of patrolling for attention.

She wandered into the hallway, where Mrs. Hare was hurriedly stuffing feet into boots in a state of excitement.

“Look at this,” said Mrs. Witekey, waving the paper under the other’s nose.

“Oh not now,” said Mrs. Hare, batting the newspaper away. “There’s a commotion outside. Put your boots on.”

With freshly frocked feet they emerged onto the village green. Around the parish noticeboard stood a collection of local faces, young and old, peering at a notice. As Witekey and Hare trotted over, more people were drawn in by the noise. Such was the size of crowd that the two spritely supercentenarians were unable to read the notice.

“I can tell you what it says,” said Mrs. Witekey. “Because it’s also in the newspaper: ‘An announcement is announced and will take place on Saturday, July 20th, on the blog. Friends accept this, the only intimation.’ What on earth does that mean?”

Then heads turned skyward as a biplane buzzed through the bright blue sky, leaving behind a smoky trail, spelling out the word ‘ANNOUNCEMENT’.

Said Hare to anyone who would listen: “Something’s going to happen this Saturday. Mark my words.”


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