Apologies in Advance

A splash of water, and with a rinsed head Tamilla was returned to the sink by her owner, who promptly left the bathroom to catch the bus to school. Tamilla yawned, slouched, shook the water off her bright pink bristles and looked around.

“Hey! Hey toothbrush!” came the booming cry from the mouthwash bottle. “How’s yat doing?” The bottle, whose name was Morr, muscled his way along the sink until he reached where Tamilla lay. “We have entertainment planned today!”

“Oh I don’t know,” yawned Tamilla. “Maybe not.”

“I’m interested,” rasped the voice of Ray the razor, who stuck his head out from a cabinet. “My other story is getting dull. What’s planned?”

Morr chortled in satisfaction. “A bit of culture today. Something special. Sit on the edge of the bath, everyone!” With varying levels of grace, the various denizens of the bathroom lolloped, slithered and shuffled their way to their seats.

They fell quiet as Lady Sosa glided into view, her soapy shoulders swaddled by a sudsy shawl. She announced the performance: A selection from La bohème. The Lady cleared her throat and began to sing.

Tamilla was taken by surprise. It was a beautiful sound, thrilling and vibrant, sweeping her along through a gamut of emotion. She turned to Ray, who was sitting next to her.

“What do you call this style of music?” she whispered. Ray studied her, wondering if she was serious.

“Don’t tell me,” he said, “That you’ve never heard of soap opera?”


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