Controller (Part III)

Continued from Part II.

“Jack! Help us!”

The steps down to the platform plunged into a torrential stream of water, sparkling sickly colours under the emergency lights. The water poured from a large crack in the tunnel wall at the far end. It churned and tossed and swept debris down the train tracks, disappearing into the dark behind the stairs where Jack perched.

He peered into the gloom. The Controller was in the water, head just above the raging stream, one bloodied hand at a metal post jutting upward, caught in the fixing that once held a display screen. The Controller’s other arm held up the head of young boy, who flailed his arms furiously against the water.

“His legs are gone!” yelled the Controller. “Ready… catch!” He let go of the boy, who was swept towards the stairs. Jack leapt forward and caught the boy before he went past and dragged him out of the water. “Go! Run!” The ceiling cracked and fell into the water. The Controller disappeared from view.

Jack grabbed the boy and carried him upwards. Up and up and up until the sunlight and the open air hit his cheeks, and they both collapsed into a crowd of paramedics and police. Jack looked back over his shoulder. Then he watched a man, in bloodied shirt and tie and dripping wet, hobble out from the darkness and limp towards him.

“And that,” laughed the Controller, lying down on his back on the pavement, breathing heavily, “is why I’m the boss!”


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