Mind the Seeds (Part III)

Continued from Part II.

Floating on the surface of the water in the centre of the lake sat a large, round leaf. It was wider than Siran’s arm span, and thicker than his finger. The stem of the leaf was intertwined with the strands of the root upon which Siran trod. This kept the leaf in place.
As Siran neared the leaf, the patter of seeds hitting his cloak accelerated to become a storm. He was unable to even peek around his hood in the direction of the blizzard pouring at him from one side of the lake. He felt the tension in his limbs and his heartbeat seemed to carry his rising anger up through his chest and out through his eyes. With gritted teeth he leant into each forward step, pushing back against the pummelling stream that seemed intent on preventing him reaching his goal.
Siran reached the leaf stem. The rage of the flying seeds seemed to intensify even further. Keeping his back to the source of the affliction, he leapt from his precarious foothold on the root onto the middle of the leaf, which wobbled unsteadily as it took his weight. His motion through the air draw yet more of the flying seeds to hammer ferociously against his cloak. Siran reached out his arms to steady himself, fighting against the leaf’s movement and the barrage thrashing his back. Then he sat down carefully, shaking, placing his hands on the soft membrane between the leaf’s veins.

To be continued…


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