They are trapped.

“How long has it been?” asks Liz, her face glowing despite the gloom.

“Nearly fifty minutes,” says Cray, who is sitting down in the corner, head leaning against a wall, muscles on display.

“If we don’t get out of here in the next ten minutes,” says Hank, slightly too loudly, “the bomb will explode and millions will die!

They both look at him, then… freeze. In corner of the room glowing white words emerge from the floor and float slowly upwards. Nobody moves.

Then Cray hisses out of the corner of his mouth, “That was ridiculous.”

“Shuk uhk,” says Hank, trying not to move his lips.

“Eh?” says Cray.

“I know it was clumsy exposition,” says Hank, now giving in and moving his lips.

“How can the credits be rolling already?” says Liz. “We’ve been trapped for nearly the entire episode.”

“Stok torking,” says Hank, trying not to move his lips again.

“It’s alright for us,” giggles Cray. “We’re out of shot. The freeze is on you, Hank. Hey Liz, who am I played by, can you read?”

Liz peers at the words.

“Some guy called ‘Tom Lee’,” she says.

“Not bad,” says Cray. “Tom Lee was in that thing with the doctors where they snog the patients all the time. I’m quite good-looking then.”

“You’re just the brawn,” snaps Hank. “I’m the brains, I get all the good lines.”

Millions will die!” mocks Liz. “Anyway we’re trapped here until next week. Anyone have playing cards?”


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