A young Bruce, much younger than you think of him from his photos, turns up at the office one day and is surprised to see an unfamiliar face. There’s a man kneeling by the door, an array of tools are laid out on the floor, and the lock is in pieces. This man is fairly old, but quick and his hands are deftly working with these little pieces of metal. Bruce squeezes past him with apologies and wanders into the office.

Sitting inside is Bruce’s boss, who I think was called Mr. Mullayley or something like that. Mullayley does not look up or in any way acknowledge Bruce’s presence because, you know, he was a little slip of a kid back then and just didn’t make much of an impact on people. Bruce asks what happened to the lock.

They get into an argument and just like that, Mullayley fires him. He’s not mean about it, he just wants control. You know he’s not going to get that over Bruce. Too much evasiveness… you remember the thing with the dog and the teacher?

Anyway Bruce thanks him politely and walks out, and having nothing else to do sits down next to the locksmith. They start talking about all kinds of stuff and twenty years later it’s Bruce they come looking for to get that safe unlocked and save that little girl.

That’s how Bruce happened. He’s not a particular hero, he just has a knack for luck and locks.


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